Does Medicare Advantage Pay for my At-Home COVID Test?

Coverage for your at-home COVID test is sort of a moving target, so we want to let you know this is published in April of 2022. As of now, yes, Original Medicare does pay for eight at-home COVID tests each month.

“Medicare now covers up to 8 over-the-counter COVID-19 tests each calendar month, at no cost to you.”

Can I Purchase At-Home COVID Tests at the Pharmacy?

Yes, you can get your free, at-home COVID tests at the pharmacy. Stores like CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies will have these available. As a Medicare or Medicare Advantage member, there should be no cost to you at the point of sale. 

“The initiative comes after Medicare was not included in a January mandate from the Biden administration that private insurers must cover the cost of at-home tests (also up to eight per month). This marks the first time Medicare has covered an over-the-counter, self-administered test at no cost to beneficiaries.” CNBC April 4, 2022

Can I Order At-Home COVID Tests Online?

Yes, you may order COVID tests online. There are free tests available to you from Tiero so you can order them online. You may have heard their radio spot mentioning the website: It goes to their website. 

You may also order your free, at-home COVID tests from The tests will be mailed to your residence through the United States Postal Service. Another resource for your at-home COVID tests is your favorite pharmacy. It just depends upon your preference while “shopping” online.

Why Should I Have At-Home COVID Tests On Hand?

You should have several at-home COVID tests on hand when you feel symptomatic. This allows you to avoid leaving your home to take a test, possibly infecting others. It’s important to know that as COVID evolves, the symptom of variants may feel different than previous versions. 

If you’re feeling some symptoms, take the test. Then you have more information to call your physician and go forward with their instructions. It’s important to not dismiss symptoms as “just” allergies or tiredness. If you have any suspicion, there’s no risk to take the test at home. And, frankly, no reason not to since you have plenty extra.

You only need 15 minutes to take the at-home COVID test. Simply follow the instructions included with your test. Granted, swabbing the inside of our nasal cavities is not fun. What matters is that you feel safe and secure and keep your friends and neighbors safe, too.

"We know that people 65 and older are at much greater risk of serious illness and death from this disease — they need equal access to tools that can help keep them safe." Nancy LeaMond, AARP

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