What Resources Do I Have to Conduct Research for a Medicare Advantage Plan?

When it comes to Medicare, sadly many Americans lack literacy in their rights and – more importantly – options. Along with other industry leaders, this is our mission, to make you aware of your Medicare rights, options, and teach the jargon that makes healthcare decisions even more difficult.

“High percentages of beneficiaries are unaware that Medicare covers certain services, or they incorrectly believe it covers others.” MedicareAdvantage.com

So what resources do you have to research a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Well, firstly, this site is a resource for Medicare Advantage. It’s our mission to break down the complications and give you the best options so you can make a great choice.

Secondly, Medicare.gov is a fantastic resource and underutilized in our opinion. Go straight to the source, right? 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is another great resource to understand the pricing and marketing regulation of Medicare Advantage providers. Medicare and Medicare advantage programs are regulated by the U.S. Government. 

How Does Medicare Help Me Understand Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare.gov has a 32-page document – a downloadable PDF – that you can read to understand your options when it comes to choosing a Medicare Advantage program. 

Topics in this document include:

  • What are the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage?
  • What do Medicare Advantage Plans cover?
  • What are my Costs?
  • And more. 

Which Company Has the Best Medicare Advantage Plan?

The company that has the best Medicare Advantage plan is a subjective answer. Most people will say, “it depends.” Initially, that seems unhelpful, we know. So, here are a few quick answers to get you started.

Nerdwallet ranks the plans as follows:

To quote from our article, “When is Open Enrollment And Where Do I Sign Up for Medicare Advantage?

“In 2022, Value Penguin ranked Aetna as the cheapest, Kaiser Permanente the best, and AARP with United Healthcare the most popular.”

One of the Best Research Resources for Medicare Advantage is an Insurance Broker

In addition to researching which plans are the best through third-party sites like Value Penguin, Investopedia, or NerdWallet, you’ll want to choose a plan that exists in your state and/or has the doctors and facilities that you prefer in your locality. This is why an insurance broker is truly your best friend. An insurance broker will be able to advise you based on your income, preferences, and lifestyle.

It’s like walking into Nordstrom and saying, “I have a formal wedding to go to, I’m a size 18, and I’m single. Can you help me find a dress?” The salesperson comes back with three dresses, all of which fit beautifully, and you’re completely happy to pay for a quality dress that suits you and the occasion. You’re out of the store in less than an hour and didn’t have to waste time at four different discount stores. The salesperson gets a commission, sure, but you look amazing and it’s worth it. (True story.)

Find a Plan That Fits Your Life

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